TTC after loss: 16DPO

TTC after loss: 16DPO

TTC after loss really likes to kick you when you are down.


After having 5 days of positive tests, today the faint line has become a real squinter. I am now facing up to the inevitable: another loss. Miscarriage. Early miscarriage. Recurrent loss. Chemical pregnancy. The labels I am lumbered with.


I’m still not bleeding but I have period cramps like something is getting ready to start. The sickness has stopped.


I can’t pinpoint when the pregnancy ended but there was definitely a change. That fuzzy pregnancy feeling went – it’s like I had a clear mind again. Like it was just me, not 2 people occupying my mind. I’m going to stay in bed all day and wait for this to start.


Right now I feel really angry.


The miscarriage started the next morning.


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