TTC after loss: 5DPO

TTC after loss: 5DPO

TTC after loss is so stressful. This TWW is already driving me crazy.

So this familiar feeling has returned.
I know I am pregnant but I am the kinda gal that needs proof. Proof in the form of 2 pink lines. I’m still a week off testing so I’ve now reached that lovely phase where I spend all day convincing myself I’m not pregnant and then that I am pregnant.

Today’s symptom spotting:

Woke up feeling sprightly: not pregnant

Great morning, bursting with energy: not pregnant

Hungry for brekkie: not pregnant

Tiredness hits like a freight train: pregnant

Boobs feel electrified: pregnant

Hot: pregnant

Thirsty: pregnant

Hungry at lunch: not pregnant

Don’t feel sick: not pregnant

Itchy: pregnant

Fell asleep at 4.30pm for the day: pregnant

Now wide awake at midnight: not pregnant
The two week wait sucks even if you can tell early on. Now to try and fall asleep so I can function tomorrow …




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