TTC after loss: 7DPO

TTC after loss: 7DPO

TTC after loss: Half way through the two week wait and feeling definitely pregnant.

Holy shit. Shut the front door.
Today I am:

  1. Happy
  2. Grateful
  3. Feeling pregnant

Last night I was sick. And today I’ve almost thrown up on the train. Plus I’ve got that fuzzy head feeling when you can’t quite get to the end of your train of thought.

I feel excited! Holy crap I’m pregnant! We got pregnant again! I am so grateful we get pregnant easily. My goodness we are lucky. I know how lucky we are and I am so grateful.

Now, of course, being me, I want to tell everyone. I am pregnant!!!!!! Thankfully I had the wise idea of drafting these posts so I could tell my secret without actually telling. Although I am going to the pizzup tonight so don’t know how I’ll cover up not boozing …


Still 7DPO


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