Kelly Holmes ‘never laid down for so long’ after revealing symptoms that led to positive coronavirus test

Double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes has documented the days leading up to her testing positive for coronavirus, with the former mid-distance runner enduring seven days of different symptoms.

Holmes, who won gold in the 800m and 1500m at Athens 2004, posted her accounts of contracting coronavirus on Instagram, with symptoms including headaches, body aches and a complete loss of taste that coincided with a positive test.

The 50-year-old is self-isolating having recently been on holiday, and admitted that she had “never been laid down for so long” due to the illness.

“Smiles one day, the next day Covid,” Holmes said on social media, posting a selfie from her recent holiday.

“Day 1 – Sore Throat- bad headaches. 

“Day 2 – above + aching body, tight chest.

“Day 3 – above worse + Test. 

“Day 4 – Bad Headaches, Lost Smell. 

Day 5 – Above, Positive result plus loss of taste!

“Day 6 – Drained, tight chest, headaches. Really dizzy. 

Day 7 – Headaches, Dizzy, tired, slight cough, still no taste or smell.

“Lucky I am on a 26 day ‘don’t eat chocolate’ challenge otherwise would be wasted!!!

” I have officially been Corona(ed). I have never laid down for so long.”

Holmes, a former physical training instructor sergeant in the British Army, added: “You know you have Coronavirus when toothpaste, Stilton cheese, peanut butter and Marmite all taste the same – like nothing!!!”

A four-week national lockdown is set to be introduced from Thursday 5 November after Prime Minister Boris Johnson took action against rising cases and deaths caused by coronavirus.

England will enter strict restrictions on travel, socialising and playing sport until 2 December, although unlike the initial lockdown in March elite sport will be allowed to continue throughout November.

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