‘Human trash’: UFC Star’s fury at dog act

The pump that shook the world has finally made it on to Paulo Costa’s radar — and he’s not happy.

The Brazilian middleweight contender who was embarrassed by Israel Adesanya at UFC 253 on Sunday has seen footage of the champion thrusting him from behind after the referee waved off their fight and is now out for revenge.

“I come here to talk about the actions that the human trash did after our fight,” Costa said in a video posted to his Instagram. “I didn’t see when I was there (in) the cage but I saw now. I disapprove 100 per cent. To me, this is (personal) now. Nobody will stop me. Nobody can stop me.

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“I just saw his unacceptable and disrespectful attitude and he will have to pay for that in the Octagon next time. He will have to pay every penny in our next fight,” Costa added in a separate video.

“Dana White, make this fight happen. I didn’t see what he did in the Octagon until now. It’s a matter of honour now. Dana White, make it happen. I will be 100 per cent this time, no excuses, to rip this disrespectful clown’s head off.”

Israel Adesanya kicks Paulo Costa in their middleweight championship bout during UFC 253.Source:Getty Images

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Costa’s manager said his fighter is so upset he’s postponing a planned move up to the light heavyweight division to chase a rematch with Adesanya.

“Adesanya is his focus,” Costa’s manager Wallid Ismail said. “He was thinking about moving up in weight but won’t anymore because he wants to get Adesanya, and the UFC owes him that. He will stay (at 185 pounds) only to get Adesanya because he’s really upset, outraged with Adesanya’s post-fight attitude. He’s a bum. Warriors fight and when it’s over, it’s over. But doing that after the fight? He’s a bum, and he can expect a nightmare coming at him.”

“You can’t do that,” Ismail added. “It was disgusting, (Adesanya) showed his lack of character. Two warriors settle their issues in the fight, but he’s a bum. That’s the worst thing he could have done. (Costa) is pure anger right now.”

There will be little appetite for an immediate rematch given how easily Adesanya won via second round TKO.

But Costa hinted there were extenuating circumstances and his manager said a strategy error was to blame.

“All merits to Adesanya for landing the kick, but ‘Borrachinha’ was too passive and the strategy was wrong,” Ismail said. “We should have changed (the strategy) after the first kicks landed and went to war. We know that now. He’s not a tactical fighter, he’s a war fighter.”

The champ doesn’t seem overly interested though – and commented on Costa’s complaint video with another jab.

“I can stop you again,” Adesanya wrote to Costa. “Dislike.”

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