Israel Adesanya slams rival Jon Jones as 'a piece of s***'

‘The guy’s a piece of s*** and he knows it’: Israel Adesanya lays into Jon Jones as he ramps up their war of words after the pair traded insults about their families and warns the UFC legend he ‘can get down and dirty’

  • Israel Adesanya has aimed another barb at Jon Jones in their ongoing feud 
  • The UFC star defended himself after criticised for mentioning Jones’ late mother 
  • Adesanya said it was ‘open season’ after Jones brought up his father in their row
  • He called Jones a ‘piece of s***’ and claimed he ‘doesn’t learn from his mistakes’  

UFC star Israel Adesanya has launched another attack on rival Jon Jones – calling him a ‘piece of s***’ who ‘doesn’t learn from his mistakes’ after he brought up his father during their ongoing feud. 

The pair have been in a back-and-forth spat since Adesanya’s second-round TKO victory over Paulo Costa at UFC 253. The middleweight champion had credited his father with giving him some pre-fight advice, to which Jones responded on Twitter: ‘I’m curious to hear what his father tells him when he asks about fighting me.’

Adesanya hit out at Jones for bringing up family and claimed his mother – who died in 2017 – would be ‘disappointed at who he has become’, leading to widespread criticism. But he has hit back and claimed it was ‘open season’ after Jones’ initial comments. 

Israel Adesanya has slammed Jon Jones in their ongoing feud, calling him a ‘piece of s***’

He hit back at criticism after he mentioned Jones’ later mother, claiming it was ‘open season’ after he initially brought up his father during their war of words 


‘People are faulting me like “you don’t talk about a man’s dead mother”,’ he told MMA Fighting. ‘I’m like, “You don’t talk about a man’s father”. I don’t give a f*** if your mom is dead or alive. Don’t bring my father or my family into this. Cause this is work. 

‘If you bring up anything about my family that’s open season. I’m coming for your whole f****** family. Your whole clan.

‘He brought up my father. I didn’t say anything bad about his mother. I’m sure she was a lovely lady. All I said is your mom would be disappointed at who you’ve become because he brought up my father. Don’t talk about my family. It’s fair game. I won’t talk about your mom, if you don’t talk about my dad.’

Adesanya said Jones ‘never learns from his mistakes’ and said he would get ‘dirty’ in their row if he continued to bring family into the argument

‘Next time, you talk about my family and nothing is off limits. You want to get dirty? Trust me, I’m from the f****** gutter. I can get dirty and grimy.’

Adesanya took a swipe at Jones’ issues outside the cage, including a hit and run conviction, being arrested for drink-driving and failed drug tests – describing him as ‘a piece of s***’ and that he ‘never learns from his mistakes’.  

‘The guy’s a piece of s*** and he knows it,’ he added. ‘That’s the thing, I’m not perfect. I’m a piece of s*** in my own right but the difference between me and him is I learn from my mistakes and I make sure that they never happen again. That’s the big difference between me and him.

Jones shows no signs of backing down against Adesanya and has launched attacks on Twitter

Their rivalry took another dangerous twist after Jones posted this Tweet on social media

‘But he’s a piece of s*** through and through. He never learns from his mistakes and he repeats them over and over again. That says a lot about him as a person.’

Jones, who vacated his light-heavyweight title as he considers a move to heavyweight, this week aimed another barb at the Nigerian-born star on social media, writing that while Conor McGregor ‘came and made Ireland look like royalty’, Adesanya ‘made African men look soft’.

The pair’s continued bad blood has led to calls for the pair to settle their differences in the Octagon, but Jones is first eyeing up a clash with champion Stipe Miocic.  

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