Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr told NOT to attempt KO in exhibition bout

‘They’re going to spar hard but shouldn’t be going for a knockout’: Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr told NOT to attempt KO as Athletic Commission chief insists public should not be mislead over nature of highly-anticipated exhibition between boxing legends

  • Mike Tyson will return to the ring after 15-years away against Roy Jones Jr 
  • The pair have been told not to attempt a knockout in their bout on September 12
  • It will be an eight-round exhibition bout where they can only win via a stoppage 

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr have been told not to attempt a knockout in their highly anticipated bout.

Tyson will enter the boxing ring for the first time in 15 years, after he and Jones Jr finally agreed to a match, 17 years after a fight between the pair was originally discussed.

The pair will fight each other on September 12, in an eight-round exhibition clash that is being called ‘Frontline Battle’.

Mike Tyson will make his return to the boxing ring against Roy Jones Jr on September 12

Tyson and Jones Jr have been told not to attempt a knockout finish during their exhibition bout

Tyson’s last fight saw him fall to a defeat against Irish boxer Kevin McBride in June 2005

However the fight will be very different to what could have been seen between them in 2003, as the California State Athletic Commission, who have sanctioned the exhibition bout, have insisted neither should be looking to win by KO.

Commission executive director Andy Foster told Boxing Scene: ‘We can’t mislead the public as to this is some kind of real fight.

‘They can get into it a little bit, but I don’t want people to get hurt. They know the deal.

‘It’s an exhibition. They can exhibit their boxing skills, but I don’t want them using their best efforts to hurt each other.

‘They’re going to spar hard, but they shouldn’t be going for a knockout. This isn’t a record-book type of fight.

‘This is not world-championship boxing right now. It’s not what this is. People shouldn’t be getting knocked out. The public can see what kind of shape Roy and Mike are still in.’

Tyson has been undergoing vigorous training in recent months ahead of his return to the ring

Jones Jr is only three-years younger than Tyson but his last bout was just two-years ago

Tyson’s comeback fight was returned after he underwent months of rigorous training and expressed his willingness to return to the ring. 

Jones Jr is considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the history of the sport and last fought in 2018 at the age of 49.

Tyson, 54, and Jones Jr now 51, will not box with head guards on, but will wear 12oz gloves instead of the traditional 10oz.

The pair were talked through the rules during a discussion on Zoom, with social media app Triller lating paying a reported £40m to stream the fight exclusively.    

Despite being urged to avoid KOs, without judges only a stoppage will guarantee a winner. Should either get cut, the fight will be immediately stopped.        

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