UFC legend heroically ‘saves man’s life’

UFC legend Jon Jones has become a real-life hero after saving a man who collapsed suffering dehydration on July 4th.

The martial arts superstar is one of the greatest ever fighters to grace the Octagon with a 26-1-1 record — his only loss came in a disqualification in 2009, but he has since gone on to have one of the most formidable careers in the sport.

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But after pay issues have seemingly left Jones walking away from the sport, the fight legend has turned his attention to helping his community in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jones has helped the homeless last Christmas, assisted shop owners, confronted vandals who looted during the Black Lives Matter protests in the city and worked with C.A.R.E. Project, a grassroots non-profit in New Mexico.

Handing out care packages on July 4th, Jones was part of a group that found a man who had collapsed in the middle of a field.

After posting a series of images on social media, Jones fans asked what was happening in a photo with the UFC star standing over a man.

Together we stand, hope you guys enjoy your Fourth of July 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/xnhYbSlo1c

Jones replied on Instagram, “We found him laying in the middle of a field drunk and struggling with severe dehydration. The group honestly feel like we saved that man’s life today. Felt amazing”.

The first reply came from a nurse who said, “You did in fact do that. Thank you for being a stand-up human”.

We found this man laying in the middle of a field today, he was suffering from severe dehydration. The group honestly believe we saved that man’s life. It felt amazing, those men and women were heroes out there today https://t.co/2DcPZ95J9n

Fans chased up more details on the story.

“Yes we dragged him underneath a tree and forced him to drink about four water bottles. Even got him to bite a hotdog before we left,” he said in one tweet.

In another, he denied he was “trying to paint myself as some hero”.

Definitely not trying to paint myself as some hero, I was more proud for my group members to be honest. Some of the younger kids got to learn some valuable lessons today https://t.co/pJv3jRAuTv

It’s fantastic work from Jones, who has had his fair share of dark times as well with arrest in 2015 on hit and run charges, a ban for a failed drug test and a driving under the influence charge earlier this year.

Speaking on Jackass star Steve-O’s podcast Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Jones said the DUI changed his life.

“My last DWI has done a lot for me, man,” he said.

“It set me free in so many ways. It embarrassed me, it reality checked me. I’ve never been on camera drunk for the public to see like that. It was humiliating, and somewhat of a bottom for me, and I’m ready to snap it into high gear.

“The coronavirus itself changed something in my psychology, it made me start looking at everyone I was hanging out. Since the virus struck, it made me look at the people I surround myself with”.

With his world around the protests and with the C.A.R.E. Project, it’s clear Jones is primed for hero work.

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