Can Philip Rivers lead Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs in 2020?

The Indianapolis Colts are currently outside of the AFC playoff picture looking in, but they have a chance to change that with victory over their divisional rivals, the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night.

The 5-3 Colts travel into Tennessee to take on the 6-2 Titans – live on Sky Sports NFL from 1.20am on Friday – in the first of two meetings between the teams over the next three weeks.

But can veteran quarterback Philip Rivers lead the Colts to victory? The 38-year-old has thrown for an average of 260.8 yards per game, with 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions in his first year in Indianapolis.

Good Morning Football‘s Kyle Brandt says Rivers’ play over the final few weeks of the 2020 season could define how his potentially Hall of Fame career is ultimately viewed.

“He has been good, he has been not so good; 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions is fine,” Brandt said. “But, over the next several weeks, there is so much more that hangs in the balance for Rivers than the Colts’ playoff push.

“Right now, he is on the crest of which way he wants to go in terms of the Hall of Fame.

“If he takes the Colts to the playoffs, in the later stages of his career, I think he’s getting in. If he falls on his face this year, next year, I wouldn’t vote for him.

“A Colts playoff run? Maybe he can do it if he stops turning the ball over.”

GMF‘s Peter Schrager isn’t quite so convinced, even suggesting the Colts might look to move on from their big-money free agency acquisition.

“I don’t think Rivers is having this great season. It might even be the end of the road for him,” Schrager added.

“There has been some good games from Rivers, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t think Frank Reich is thinking about pulling him but, if you talk to Colts fans, they’re not overwhelmed by Rivers this season – there is too much up and down for a veteran quarterback.

“He’s not their guy. Is [backup] Jacoby Brissett not any better than him? And they drafted this kid Jake Eason; is it time to maybe move on from Rivers?

“I don’t know if Rivers is having this great season, this renaissance. They signed him for $25 million, that’s a lot of money.

“If this is going to be a season for the Colts, they’ve got to beat the Titans this week and they’ve got to beat them in two weeks.

“They play each other twice over the next three weeks; that is where the AFC South is going to be decided – the [Houston] Texans are not winning it, the [Jacksonville] Jaguars are done.”

Watch the Indianapolis Colts at the Tennessee Titans as part of Thursday Night Football, live on Sky Sports NFL from 1.20am on Friday morning.

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