Mike Skinner’s son said Bubba Wallace should’ve been dragged ‘around the pits’ with noose

Dustin Skinner, the son of former NASCAR star Mike Skinner, has apologized for a troubling post on social media in the wake of a noose being found in Bubba Wallace’s garage.

The post said, in part, “Frankly I wish they would’ve tied [the noose] to [Wallace] and drug him around the pits because he has single handedly destroyed what I grew up watching and cared about for 30 years now.” It appears to be a Facebook comment, and the words have been condemned by the Skinner family. 

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Dustin Skinner competed in one NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race in 2008. The Race Car Solutions website, owned by Mike Skinner’s other son Jamie, says Dustin Skinner now “has transitioned into success as a driving coach and crew chief.” 

After his post started to get attention, drawing criticism, Dustin Skinner said his comments were not about race.

“I love everyone this was not about race at all,” Skinner wrote. “I disagree with what [Wallace] is doing, but it was stupidly foolish for me to say what I said and I truly regret every bit of it. If there was a way to take last night back I would. All I can do is say I’m sorry. I love everyone and wish the world to pull back together and us all find a positive way to agree or disagree.”

Mike Skinner released a pair of statements on his son’s comments. The first was a single tweet, saying “his views are not the same” as his or his wife’s.

Mike Skinner later released a longer statement saying he was “shocked” by what Dustin wrote. 

“I am devastated by what he said and have spoken with him regarding his comments,” Skinner said. “While I do not believe in airing family grievances on social media, I feel strongly that it is important I publicly state that his comments do not reflect the opinions of Angie or me, and we apologize to any fans and industry personnel who were hurt because of his comments.”

The NASCAR community has by in large shown support for Wallace after the noose was discovered Sunday afternoon. NASCAR issued a statement condemning the act and promised to find and punish the person responsible. On Monday, authorities at the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice said they would also investigate the incident as a civil rights violation.

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