It’s been a big week in art … with Jim Pavlidis

Legendary American graphic artist Milton Glaser died on his 91st birthday this year.

Of all the famous images he was responsible for, none have endured like the one created for a tourism promotion in 1977, ‘‘I NY’’.

Sacred Saint: In praise of Brett Ratten (illustration: Jim Pavlidis), and Milton Glaser’s original.Credit:

His love for the city ran so deep that he chose to forgo royalties on the $30 million that the graphic generates every year.

Footy in 2020 can do with a similar shot of love. There’s lots of frayed nerves and crankiness around the AFL at the moment, which is overshadowing a great story that’s not getting the love it deserves – St Kilda’s rise under Brett Ratten.

The last time the Saints were flying this high they employed a dour, defensive brand of football which won plenty of games but few hearts.

Under Ratten, the strategic shackles are off, and his players are performing with daring, skill and – most importantly – look like they’re having fun.

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