Maro Itoje questions the media over ‘inconsistent’ Marcus Rashford treatment

Maro Itoje has questioned the media over the treatment of Marcus Rashford following his work highlighting the issue of child food poverty.

Manchester United striker Rashford has drawn widespread praise for highlighting the problems facing underprivileged families, and getting the Government to back-track and announce free meals for disadvantaged children over the Christmas holidays.

However, Itoje feels the 23-year-old’s influential campaign has brought with it “inconsistent” media scrutiny compared to reporting on other white athletes.

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“The media arguably have a large responsibility more than most as they shape the public’s views and perception. I have seen some of the stuff regarding Marcus Rashford and some of the brilliant things he is doing,” he told Sky Sports News.

“It makes me ask some questions about what is the intent behind it. It’s not the first time. Raheem Sterling highlighted some of these issues and the inconsistencies with regards to their reporting on black athletes compared to white athletes.

“This isn’t just tabloid and sports media. This is often the same when just reporting news and even the criminal justice system. It is far and wide and all-encompassing thing we need to try and get right.”

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