Alex Ferguson’s comments suggest how he really felt about Klopp’s 3am phone call

Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he was woken up out of his sleep by Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool won the title.

The Reds boss was so excited and delighted with his achievement he seemingly lost all track of time when picking up the phone at 3.30am.

Ferguson paid tribute to Klopp and his success with Liverpool on video on Monday.

The Scot said: "Jurgen, fantastic. I have spoken about Leeds United, 16 years in the Championship, Liverpool, 30 years since winning that league: incredible.

"Really thoroughly deserved. The performance level of the team, really outstanding.

"Your personality ran right through the whole club. I think it was a marvellous, marvellous performance.

"I'll forgive you for waking me up at half past three in the morning to tell me you'd won the league. Thank you. But anyway, you've thoroughly deserved it, well done."

At first glance, it seems Ferguson took it all in his stride.

But the fact he made of point of telling Klopp he forgives him for his late-night call suggests he might not have been too delighted when his phone started ringing.

Speaking about his sleep pattern back in 2016, Ferguson revealed that when he was a younger man he was always so full of energy.

But as the years have ticked by, and he is now in his seventies, he finds himself needing a lot more sleep than usual – suggesting he very much values his time counting sheep.

"When I joined United I was full of energy but, as you get older, your energy wanes – but I did not want the players to see that," he told the Sun.

"When I was younger I would have four or five hours' sleep but when I got into my 60s I needed seven hours.

"I also changed the food I ate. I never went out on a Saturday night anymore, I went home because I was exhausted."

Klopp's phone call would have therefore come as quite the surprise to the Scot.

Liverpool manager didn't reference the phone call when speaking out about Ferguson following his side's title win.

But he did reveal his admiration for the 13-time Premier League champion.

Klopp said: "I am absolutely delighted to get this title.

"There are a lot of Liverpool names on this trophy – Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Kenny looks like he is all over the trophy. Brendan Rodgers, too.

"But the main name is Sir Alex Ferguson. I know it is not 100 per cent appropriate as Liverpool manager, but I admire him.

"He was the first British manager I met and we had breakfast together – I am not sure if he remembers but for me it was like meeting the Pope.

"I never thought then I would be holding the Sir Alex Ferguson trophy in my hands."

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