Danny Batth on the club he would join if he wasn't at Stoke

EFL Q&A: Danny Batth on his inability to play golf and the club he would join if he wasn’t leading the charge for Stoke

  • Danny Batth was nominated for Championship player of the month for July
  • The centre-back played a important role for Stoke at both ends of the pitch
  • Batth has shared all on who he would play for and his best football memories

Danny Batth’s finished off an impressive campaign last season by being nomination for Championship player of the month for July.

The centre-back played an important role for Stoke at both ends of the pitch as his side managed four wins, a draw and a defeat to climb out of the relegation zone to finish in 15th. 

The 29-year-old scored three goals in his last four appearances too as he became a massive threat at set pieces under Michael O’Neill. 

Stoke’s Danny Batth was nominated for Championship player of the month for July last season

I spent more time with my daughter Sophia. She is a year old and it was a great opportunity to be with her every day and do all those things you can’t do when you’re going away for games and following the usual football schedule.

Earliest football memory?

Playing in mad games on the estate in Brierley Hill, where I grew up. Two captains would pick the teams from a group of players with ages ranging from about eight to 21 and 22. It wasn’t a proper pitch, we played on hill with one team shooting uphill in the first half and then we’d change ends for the second half. The games would go on for three or four hours. Good times.

Your 5-a-side team?

Thiago Alcantara and Josh Kimmich from Bayern Munich, Adama Traore and Cristiano Ronaldo up front. Rush goalie.

One single change that would improve football? Go back to the old offside rule where a player is offside if they’re offside and I’d do away with the ‘passive offside’ and ‘not interfering with play’ business we have now.

His contribution helped Stoke climb out of the relegation zone to finish in 15th last term

One thing you can’t do?

I’m not very good at golf.

VAR, yes or no?


Worst job?

I used to work Saturdays at my Dad’s sports shop, in the stock room, doing stock checks and that was quite tedious.

One thing you would change from your career?

I’d be a striker, you’ve only got to score one goal haven’t you and you’ve played well.

A wish for the season apart from promotion?

Finish top scorer.

If not Stoke which club?

Wolves. I was in the academy from nine year old.

What are you reading and watching: I’m watching the crime drama, The Fall, and I’ve been reading a book by David Goggins, a retired US Navy SEAL who overcame a lot of obstacles to become successful.

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