Premier League water breaks to be 'scrapped next season'

Premier League water breaks to be ‘scrapped next season’ after coming in for criticism for disrupting the flow of the games and allowing managers to give tactical messages to players

  • Water breaks were brought in following the restart of the 2019-20 campaign
  • The introduction of the water breaks in every half has come in for criticism
  • It was introduced to keep players hydrated throughout the hectic schedule
  • Some have argued managers are using it to give their teams tactical advice 

Water breaks in the Premier League will be scrapped altogether at the end of the season, according to reports.

Mandatory one-minute drink breaks in every half were introduced by the Premier League after a three-month absence to ensure players remained hydrated during a hectic fixture schedule.

But according to The Athletic, water breaks are to be stopped once the 2019-20 campaign finishes and will not be brought back when next season starts in September.

Water breaks in the Premier League will reportedly be scrapped when the season finishes

While players are given the chance to take on board much-needed hydration, it also allows time for goalposts, corner flags and balls to be disinfected amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But the mandatory breaks have come in for plenty of criticism, with many arguing that it disrupts the flow of the games – particularly when one team is on the up.

It has also been widely argued that the pause in play enables managers to give much-needed tactical advice to their players.

Meanwhile, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters also recently rejected the suggestion from a politician that the drink breaks are being exploited to produce extra revenue through advertising.

It has been widely argued that the water breaks allow managers to give tactical advice

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho was just one of many who argued against the water breaks – which occur at the mid-point of each half.  

‘If anyone says it’s just a drinks break we all know it’s not true,’ Mourinho previously said.

‘It’s a tactical break. You can help one team who is in the negative moment of the game and you can kill the dynamic of a team that is in a high, that’s no doubt.’

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