Steve Bruce accuses 'keyboard warriors' questioning him at Newcastle

‘The job’s difficult enough without having to worry about all that nonsense’: Steve Bruce hits out at ‘keyboard warriors’ questioning his tactics and style of play at Newcastle

  • Steve Bruce has faced criticism over the start Newcastle have made this season
  • No side above the Premier League bottom four has scored fewer than Newcastle
  • The Magpies are currently in 14th position after six games of the new campaign
  • Bruce has revealed that he finds inspiration in Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti 

Steve Bruce has hit back at the ‘keyboard warriors’ who have questioned his management of Newcastle United.

The head coach believes those who voice their displeasure over tactics and style on social media do not represent the majority of fans.

Bruce has come in for criticism this season from supporters concerned about the direction of the team despite two wins, two draws and two defeats putting Newcastle 14th with eight points from six matches.

Newcastle coach Steve Bruce has hit back at ‘keyboard warriors’ who have criticised his team

Bruce saw his side struggle to score again before finding a late equaliser as they visited Wolves

Bruce said: ‘Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I don’t often agree with them but I can’t get myself worked up into a frenzy because of the keyboard warriors, that’s for sure.

‘I never, ever read [it]. I hear now and again but, as I’ve said, with management, everybody’s got a platform, everybody’s got an opinion – keyboard warriors or whatever you call them.

‘Are they the majority of supporters? I doubt it. The job’s difficult enough without having to worry about all that nonsense.’

Bruce says he has never encountered any dissenting voices in person.

Despite finishing 13th in the 2019-20 season, 16 teams scored more than Newcastle’s 38 goals

‘The vast majority of people, to be fair, are hugely respectful and behind me – and I genuinely think that,’ he added.

‘In the 15 months, I haven’t had one person who has come up and had a pop or whatever. Everybody’s got their opinion on what we have to do and what we have to be, but I’ll just keep plodding away and see what we can achieve.’

Meanwhile, Bruce has revealed that he recently read the autobiography of Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti, who he faces at St James’ Park on Sunday.

‘The title of the book is Quiet Leadership, and that’s the key to the whole thing – how he’s calm in his management,’ said Bruce.

Bruce has said Everton’s Carlo Ancelotti, who visits St James’ Park this Sunday, is an influence

‘He doesn’t let hysteria get in the road of him. It was just a really good read.

‘When I see the clubs he’s managed and what he’s achieved as a player, there aren’t many who have achieved what he has done as both. It was fascinating.’

Will he be asking the Italian to sign his copy?

‘No, it fell to bits,’ he admitted. ‘It was only a paperback!’ 

Callum Wilson’s four goals are already as many as any Newcastle player managed last season

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