Troy Deeney on why social media does nothing about racist abuse

‘I’ve reported being called a “black c***’” and been told that isn’t hate speech’: Troy Deeney alleges social media company took no notice of sickening abuse sent to him and believes platforms BENEFIT from racial slurs

  • Troy Deeney has opened up on racial abuse which he receives on social media
  • The Watford striker says he has reported racism several times, to no avail
  • He alleges he was told being called a ‘black c***’ does not constitute hate speech
  • Deeney now questions whether social media platforms actually benefit from this 

Troy Deeney has revealed the multiple times he has had the door shut in his face when attempting to report racist abuse on social media.

Deeney, like many Premier League footballers in recent years, has fallen victim to vile messages sent from users on social media platforms which contain racial slurs and sickening abuse.

Yet Deeney has now outlined how he follows the correct procedure each time in attempting to report the abuse to make the online platforms a safer place, only to be told the use of a monkey emoji and a banana is not considered racist.

Troy Deeney has revealed the many times he has been shut down when trying to report racism

Even more shockingly the Watford captain alleges he was once told by a social media company that him being called a ‘black c***’ by an online media user did not constitute hate speech.

Writing this week in his SunSport column, Deeney has now questioned whether social media platforms may even benefit from these shameful interactions due to the accelerated publicity it causes.

‘Do these companies even want to change things? Do they want to stop the abuse?’ Deeney wrote.

‘If a high-profile black player such as Raheem Sterling is experiencing racial abuse then everyone piles in and that drives traffic, which increases their advertising and profits.’

Deeney questions whether companies actually benefit from the abuse, because of publicity

Speaking of a recent occurrence in which he was once again abused, Deeney outlined his actions: ‘So I follow the protocol, which is to block the user and report the message under the category of ‘hate speech and symbols’.

‘Then I am told that an emoji with a monkey and a banana is not considered racist.

‘I’ve even reported being called a “black c***” and been told that isn’t hate speech either.’

Deeney also insists enough simply is not being done generally, and that racism will always be a huge issue for as long as crimes go unpunished or paltry fines are handed out.

For the latter point, Deeney cited the case of Leeds United goalkeeper Kiko Casilla, who last season was found guilty of calling an opponent a ‘n*****’, but issued with just a £60,000 fine and an eight-match ban.

‘What sort of message does that send?’ Deeney questioned, before going on to note that more lifetime bans should be handed out for racist abuse, particularly when it comes to supporters inside the stadiums.

Deeney’s comments come after Sportsmail this weekend revealed that black players are now disillusioned with English football’s ambition to force change and are preparing to turn their backs on ‘ineffective’ anti-discrimination PR campaign.

Leeds goalkeeper Kiko Casilla was handed an eight-game ban and fined for making a racial slur

Sportsmail has learned that a host of players have declined to contribute to publicity drives, and others are considering doing the same amid disappointment at their success.

There is a worrying perception that such awareness initiatives are simply a public relations exercise.

The growing cynicism comes just days after the Premier League completed their own anti-discrimination campaign — No Room For Racism.

Some players who gave the green light to be interviewed were said to be perplexed by the line of questioning, including asking black players whether they had discussed racism with their children and whether a white player had ever defended them in the face of discriminatory abuse. 

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