Top apprentice jockeys fined by Racing Victoria over COVID-19 breaches

Two leading apprentices, who have been stood down since last week while stewards conducted an inquiry into potential breaches of COVID-19 protocols, have been fined by Racing Victoria.

Michael Poy, last season's leading junior rider, has been fined a total of $1500 on two separate charges, while Teo Nugent, another of the state's best young jockeys, has to pay $500.

Michael Poy has been fined for breaching racing’s COVID-19 protocols.Credit:Getty Images

In addition the pair, along with registered stablehand Claira Chermside, Nugent's partner, are having COVID-19 testing this week ahead of the expiration of their stand-down order at 11.59pm on Sunday.

In a statement, Racing Victoria stewards said that they became aware on August 3 that Poy’s partner had been identified as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

"Acting upon the advice of Racing Victoria's chief medical officer (CMO) and in accordance with DHHS policy, the trio were stood down for a period of 14 days commencing on Monday, 3 August 2020, and are required to provide a negative result to a COVID-19 test," RV said.

The stewards inquiry focused on the trio's activities in the days prior to the CMO being advised of the situation regarding Poy’s partner.

The first charge against Poy was that he failed to maintain an appropriate log book of his location and activities, including times of arrival and departure and persons with whom he had contact with. He was fined $500 for that offence.

The second charge against him was that on July 29 he visited Nugent and Chermside's residence, which did not comply with the Victorian government's stage three restrictions at that time. Those restrictions were required as part of the Racing Victoria COVID-19 protocols.

He was found guilty and fined $1000, bringing the total to $1500.

Nugent was also charged with failing to maintain an appropriate log book. He was found guilty and fined $500.

Chermside was charged with allowing Poy to visit her and Nugent's residence, which breached government restrictions, and was found guilty and fined $500.

Poy has already provided one negative test to COVID-19, stewards said, but will have a second test.

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